Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday

Raise your hand if you still by good ol' CDs.
*raises hand*

Yeah, Michael and I are obsessed.
(and that's not even close to all of them!)
We look forward to Tuesdays because that's the day new music comes out.

Here's some of the new ones we've gotten:


Pistol Annies (finally!)
Favorites on this one are:


Brantley Gilbert
Favorites on this one are:
and to make you cry: Saving Amy


Act of Valor Soundtrack
Now, I haven't seen the movie yet.
I want to, for those of you that have, was it good?
The whole soundtrack will make you cry pretty much.
All country artists pretty much and all really really good songs.
I was so glad we got this one.
A few of my favorites:
Keith Urban - For You
(I normally don't like his music that much but I love this one)
Lori Mckenna - Two Soldiers Coming Home
(Couldn't find it on YouTube which is a shame this song is AMAZING)


The JaneDear Girls
Favorites on this one:
and my favorite so far: Never Gonna Let You Go


You may know him from American Idol Season 9
Favorites on this one so far:
I liked more than two but those are my tops for now.
Now, we did see an interview with him where he said each song leads into the next. So the best way to listen to this CD is in order. We did that once but that was before we knew they all led into each other so I'm excited to listen to it again!

What's your favorite music choices right now!?

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