Friday, March 9, 2012


When I first saw this I was planning on taking pictures with my camera and taking a whack and being "artistic" with them. 
My camera is broken.
I did it the way it was supposed to be done,
with my phone!
I didn't do it every day but here are the ones I did do:

#9: Front Door

#16: Something New.
Jamie got new glasses!

#18: Drink.
Raspberry Lemonade from Peach City

#19: Something You Hate To Do
Drive in the snow!
#21: A Fave Photo Of You
Well, this is Michael's favorite
pic of me from Jr. year
#23: Your Shoes
Well, these are just the ones I wore that day!
#24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
#27: Something You Ate
That's all I did for Feb.
I am doing much better with March!
I have done it every day and I even did two today!

Everyone do March with me!
If you want to see all the ones I have done so far here is a link to my picplz
(basically instagram for android, or the best one I have found. If any of you androids have one you like clue me in!)
I have also been posting them onto facebook and I will do a blog at the end of the month!

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