Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oakland the Hero

I was reading the Reader's Digest about all of these heroic pets and I thought to myself, "If my life were ever in danger, would my puppies come to my rescue?"
Well, my life was never in danger but Yankee was in serious trouble and thanks to Oakland I found him.
I'd like to think of Oakland as a hero.

This morning  around 10 or so I hear barking. Oakland is a barker so I didn't really think anything of it. But, I was trying to sleep and so was Michael so I went outside to slap him. Once I got the door open I hear Yankee whining his head off and Oakland and Raider right by him. Yankee's paw had gotten caught in some ripped fabric on our swing. It was wrapped so tight around his little paw and with all of his struggling, it was only getting worse. I run in the house and grab scissors and cut what I can off but I can't get too close to where it's wrapped because he is struggling plus I have the other dogs right up in my business. I rush him into Michael and hold him down while Michael frees his poor little tiny paw. He was fine and immediately wanted to run around, nothing serious, but I was freaking out. If Oakland wouldn't have annoyed the crap out of me he would have been caught longer and it could have gotten worse.

Scary yet heroic moment for my pups and I!

Yank lovin on Oakland


Oakland and Raider

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