Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'd say it's about time...

I know...hope you are all DYING for a wedding blog post but you'll have to wait. I haven't had the chance to go pick up my pics yet and we've been SUPER busy!
So, here is what we Jensen's have been up to!

First are some moments from our annual Young family reunion!

This year's contest was family
logos. This was the idea for
ours (thank you Jodi for
your brilliance) but the shirts didn't
quite get made.

The candy firework centerpieces.

Some of the highlights of that day were...
-Katelyn and I DOMINATED the 3-legged race. We were way ahead of the pack and worked great together.
-The food. Wal-Mart 6 foot sandwiches are delicious!
-Michael the trickster that he is, put a live worm on Jamie's seat and she didn't notice and sat on it! Well close! She sat in front of it so it didn't squish but it was so funny!
-My Uncle Dale and Aunt Judy won a ton of stuff but didn't really want to keep any of it. (All the $ put towards raffle tickets go towards next year's reunion) So, Michael and I came away with some great camping hot dog sticks! Oh and I got a cute hat!

Yesterday Michael and I went to an AWESOME birthday party! It was for Cristina's kids. (Cristina is the one that works with Michael and made all the cheesecakes for our wedding!)
Check out how awesome of a party she throws!
A slip-n-slide:

Face painting:
Alex the birthday boy
Alize' the birthday girl

A bouncy house with a slide:

A pinata:

And of course great food including adorable cakes!

The presents:

Thanks Cruz family for a great time!

This is him the second we got home...

Stay tuned for a HUGE wedding post coming soon!

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