Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Don't worry I won't bore you with American Idol talk.
Although, I am sad to see Casey go....
Glad it wasn't Scottie!

Ok so I have been trying to get into this whole coupon thing.
We took a bunch of coupons to the store the other day and between coupons and Michael's discount at Wal-Mart, we saved just over $20.00. Doesn't seem like too much but hey, that's quite a lot in my book! So again, if any of you throw away those coupon booklets you get every Tuesday that say RedPlum on them...DON'T! Give them to me! Also, if you get a Sunday paper and you throw your coupon booklets away...DON'T! I'll take them off your hands!

So I went to my grandma's house a few weeks ago to have my grandma help us with my dress and I being soooo forgetful, forgot deodorant. Luckily I have 3 sisters and one of them rescued me. Thank goodness she did because now I will never be the same when it comes to buying deodorant!
DOVE deordorant is seriously THE BEST!!!
Every time I lift my arms I get a whiff of that fresh clean smell!
PLUS I had a coupon for $0.75 off Dove Deordorant. It's regularly $2.49 almost everywhere I have seen so $0.75 doesn't seem like a lot. But Dollar General had it on sale for $2.00!
So I got it for $1.25!
Seriously, go try this deodorant!

So I think it's safe to say I'm BEYOND stressed!
I have so much I feel like still needs to be done for the wedding. My announcements were a little more than I planned thank goodness I have THE BEST family in the world! Grandparents willing to help me however they can! I'm so blessed!
But that doesn't change the fact that I cry too much.
That I'm breaking out! (ummm haven't broken out since HIGH SCHOOL! Yeah. Not. A. Fan!)
And I hate to say but there are some times when I just say "I don't care" about wedding stuff.
Someone will ask me what I would prefer and I will seriously say "I don't care" I'm just done.
Done planning!
But I DO care!
I just get overwhelmed!
Michael is so good to put up with me. He doesn't let a single thing phase him.
I'm so lucky.

On top of all the wedding stuff stressing me out, house stuff stresses me out. Am I the only one?
My front yard looks like poopie.
There are times I feel it will never get done.

And of course I still have the biggest stress of all.
I so wish I could go into detail of how much I am irrrked by this but I don't know who will read this and although I shouldn't, I care too much about people's feelings.

So I guess I'm done for this edition of Thursday's Thoughts.
If you made it to the end of this post, you are a true friend!

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