Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Another Thursday.
Another Idol Elimination.

Oh how I love this season.
EVERYONE is so talented!

Oh Casey.
You're awesome.
That is all.
Scotty McCreery
My sister is in love with you.
I am in love with your voice.
PLEASE make an album whether you win or not
Jacob Lusk.
You are so talented.
But I'm not going to lie...
I don't think I would buy your album.
James please stop screaming.
Thank you.
Other than that you are so talented.
And I love you because you love wrestling.

One of the best moments on Idol. Ever!

Love you.
Your voice is A-MA-ZZING
I'll buy your album.
You cutie.
Sad to see you go but let's face it,
it was your time.
And finally...
Lauren Alaina.
Please win.
Love your voice.
Love your style.
I'll be singing along to your album soon enough.
Am I the only one that watches this show EVERY week?
Love J.Lo
Love Steven Tyler.
Love it all!

Now, on to some other things on my mind...
How about things I am TIRED of!
Lately I have just been so fed up!

When will it end?!
Oh how I wish I had grass.
Any ideas on how to get rid of this THING?!
I'm so TIRED of it!
EXTREMELY tired of this broken banister.
Someone come bring us your tools and or fix it.
We saw the most beautiful rainbow today after all that rain.
(rain I can handle but I would still prefer HEAT)

TIRED of waking up at 6:30 a.m to feed the fatsos
Tired of this phone.
I want a new one so bad.
Have to wait till contract is up.
5. More. Months.
Now. A few fun pictures!
With the weather being halfway decent we have taken the dogs for a walk and went to the park!
Cutest. Girl. Ever!

Unfortunately we have been stuck inside more than we would like.
But Michael and his nephew stay entertained with their favorite activity...
Michael got DOMINATED by his nephew.
(I didn't even tell him to pose like this. He was just doing it!)
Michael shouldn't have even messed with those guns!

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  1. I totally agree about the laundry!! And dishes! Sometimes it seems that all I do all day long is dishes, laundry, and feed my kids! We should run away somewhere and get away from it all!