Monday, February 21, 2011


This one is so easy!
My first love was of course Michael.
When we were in 5th grade I would play basketball with the boys at recess so that I could play with him and he would always pick me for his team even though I probably wasn't any good.
At the end of the 5th grade school year Michael moved away and I cried. Yes I admit it, I cried! I was so sad! I even drew hearts around his yearbook picture.
When he moved back in 8th or 9th grade he was soo mean to me!
He would tease me and he even tripped me in the hall once and I fell flat on my butt and he just walked away!
I know what a jerk right!?
Peach days of like 9th grade year came around and he asked me out. I said no because I had my eye on someone else. I also thought he was joking because he had been so rude to me! But we did exchange numbers and remained friends.
Then comes junior year of high school. I was in the gym practicing stunts for an assembly. I was tossed up and I honestly don't know what exactly happened but I ended up straight on my back on the gym floor. Michael just happened to be in the gym when it happened for a PE class.
After school that day he found me and told me he saw what had happened and wanted to make sure I was ok. I was currently seeing someone else and they didn't even seem to care as much as Michael did.
That was such a cute moment but we didn't really talk too much after that.
Until one summer day the summer before our senior year. I get a text way way late at night and it's him. We started talking and he started using all of those cheesey lines on me.
Such as: "Did it hurt?"
I'll admit I totally fell for it.
He was so sweet and so honest with me and I loved that about him.
He was afraid to tell me he loved country music and had a tattoo.
I started slowly to fall for him.
It wasn't until Peach Days that September that I officially was smitten with him. He asked me to hang out and I had mentioned I loved the ferris wheel so he took me up on it.
After the ferris wheel we went with Nate and Megan to Nate's house to watch a movie. Center Stage.
We held hands that night and ever since then we have been inseperable.
I love Michael with all my heart and although I may have THOUGHT I knew what love was before I met him, I had no idea.
Those other guys don't even come close to the guy Michael is and how he treats me!

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