Monday, February 21, 2011

Meaning behind my blog name

Well this one is pretty simple...
The day I created my blog I wasn't exactly feeling creative.
So it's just my name!
Boring I know.

Well as you may have seen on facebook I tried on a wedding dress yesterday!
It was actually my mom's!
It was really cool to try it on and have her see me in it.

Now let me tell you a little story.
Do you remember my post about trying to find the perfect dress?
And how the neckline I wanted was crucial?
Well, my mom decided to get her wedding pictures out to show me and it just so happens that she had what I have been looking for!
It was so crazy!
So my mom got the dress from her sisters house (because my aunt wore it first) so that she could try to use it to make a pattern.
So I tried it on!

And the cool thing grandma made this dress!
It is so...vintage.
And gorgeous!
It was so neat to try it on and have it fit me almost perfectly!

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