Friday, March 26, 2010

House Project!


So I know I have been in my house for like 6 months and am just NOW doing a house project...but this is the first of many and I am glad I had Kylie here for motivation!

Our day started as a pajama Laguna Beach Season 1 marathon. Somewhere in the middle of all that Laguna drama Kylie looks at my wall and says, "I wanna see what's under that wall paper. We should rip it down." I said, "Seriously?" She said, "Yup." And there we went ripping away.

Some of it was rather difficult but it felt good to peel away at those ugly stripes! This is what was under those ugly stripes...

Beautiful right? I know. See that pillow on the couch? It was our inspiration for the colors and theme of this room.

So we took a good pic of the pillow and the next day headed to Wal-Mart for paint. You have no idea just how excited I was to get started.

The first paint of my house!


And this is me just staring at our job well done...

I don't exactly have a picture of it all put back together because this is where my energy sort of ended but I will post that soon. Just so you know I don't plan on having my house look like a crack house with a blanket over the window forever...Curtains are next on the list.

That's all I have for now but I assure you more house projects are in the near future. Especially when Kylie is my motivation!


  1. I reallyl like that color. Your house looks cute!

  2. Thanks! One day you will have to come see it in person. And hopefully by that day you will see it finished =]