Monday, March 29, 2010

A Finished Product!

Finally after living in this house for 6 months the Angel Baby Butts are GONE!!! Well actually, believe it or not they are still there. I'll explain.
We first got a tip to use fabric softener to soften the border and peel it away using a scraper. That worked...NOT! We spent about an hour and removed about a foot of border each. I know. So Michael suggested we simply paint over the Angel Baby Butts. At first we didn't really think it would work because we were thinking a light cream color and the angel wings are dark blue...but we headed to Kylie's house to steal some paint from her mom's collection. On the way home we had one minor set back...

The jeep over-heated. I was smoking down the road. Poor jeep. When Michael came and rescued us we went straight home to get to work while him and Tony dealt with the jeep.

Painting over the Angel Baby Butts. No one knows how good it felt to have that darker brown paint cover those ugly little things. I am glad we found this brown it looked really good with the couch, the green, and the inspiration pillows.

Say goodbye!

And say hello to a beautiful brown color called Bramble. Or as Michael likes to call it, 'Hot Cocoa Mix Brown'.

I had the help of some great friends Kylie and Jessie who willigly helped me paint. Thanks so much! You guys seriously are great! Don't worry I am repaying them both helping Jess with her house and I promise to help Kylie with her future house!

This is the two colors together:

And this is me covering up the last of the stinkin butts!

This finished product! After 6 months I finally have a completed room! (Well, we are thinking about ripping out the carpet because we have some pretty decent wood floors underneath, but that will have to wait for now.)



  1. That looks really nice! I like the brown with the green!

  2. Wow, your room looks great, love the color!