Sunday, February 14, 2010

Michael's Birthday =]

Yesterday was Michael's Birthday! He is now 21 years old! Unfortunately right now we don't have a lot of money so I didn't really get him anything except for some birthday cakes! When I was working at the Peak a parent brought a huge 3 tier cake for her son. Turns out she does cakes for all occassions! I got her card and when Michael's birthday came around I called with a very special request and they turned out awesome!

Each of his favorite sports teams in 3 different flavors. New York Yankees in Chocolate:

Notre Dame (college football) in Chocolate with Raspberry filling.

And of course his all-time favorite, the Oakland Raiders in French Vanilla. This one was my favorite it was soooo yummy!

And all together:
We had a few people over to celebrate and we had a pretty good time. The cake was very much enjoyed! She did such a good job on them! She even sent me a picture through text message before she delivered them!

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