Friday, February 5, 2010

About Me

Hello Blog World! I am so new to this it may take a while for me to get the hang of it! Ummm...a little about myself: I am 21 years old. I work at ShopKo Eyecare, and I kind of enjoy it. Sometimes. This is me and Amber, a.k.a: the A Team!

I also work at The Peak where I host parties. Birthday parties, dance groups, family reunions, almost anything you can think of. It's a lot of fun. Surprisingly when I graduated high school I didn't get the heck out of town like most do. I am still here. I just bought a house with my boyfriend Michael and we love it! It is so fun to have our own place and our own rules.

No, I am not going to school. Well, not really. I am taking a class to help prepare me for the ABO. Which will certify me as an optician. I guess I just kind of look at it as something to fall back on if I ever need it. No, I am not engaged. And don't ask me when we will be because I don't know. That is totally up to him.
I have a few pretty awesome sisters. Jodi who is 18...

Jamie who is 17, who by the way, stole my birthday. She was born on my 4th birthday.

And Katelyn who is 11...

They are all awesome! When I lived at home we didn't all get along very well. Especially me and Jodi, we were constantly fighting. Now that I am moved out we are so close. We hang out a lot she is one of my best friends. Same with Jamie, we didn't argue as much as Jodi and I did but I do feel that we are closer nwo that I'm not at home. I have just always been close with Kate. I was always like a second mom to her because of our big age difference. I love them all, I am so lucky to have sisters that are so awesome!

And then of course, there's my kids. My two black lab puppies Oakland and Raider. (Michael is a HUGE Raiders fan if you didn't already come to that conclusion) They are only about 6 months old but they are so big! Right now they are very jumpy and very hyper it's pretty hilarious. They also have very different and distinct personalities. Oakland will usually sit first but lately he is the one that barks the most. Raider loves attention. He is an attention hog, if you are petting Oakland he will interfere. And up until a couple weeks ago he was the dominant one. He would not let Oakland eat and he would bully him. However, a couple of weeks ago Oakland stood up to Raider and they got in a great big fight. Raider ended up with a cut ear. Since then, Raider hasn't been as hyper. Here are my cute little guys!

That is all for now, and I probably won't have this detailed of blogs all the time. Like I said, this is so new to me!
xoxo AneciaG

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