Wednesday, June 6, 2012

May's Happenings As Seen Through Instagram

Not much happened last month.
(not a lot happens any month though)
But here's my month of May in Instagram form!

This is me my first day at my new job!

Made this for my cousin Aubree for her
bridal shower! I want one now!
Michael's game room is all set up!
(I'll post before/after pictures in a game
room post)

Mother's Day!
This is what I do with the wrapper when
I get a new that weird?!
I added this to my collection!
My job.

Weather is finally good enough for the park!

First rose bloom! 
Wasn't feelin well one day...

Got this for my collection! Soooo excited
I found this for $2!

Made face masks courtesy of Pinterest.

Got some new red skinnies that I LOVE!

Tried this new energy drink!
Very yummy but I like the Peach Mango
one even better!

This is how I eat my ice cream.
Every time.
I am not ashamed.

My favorite rose bush. Such pretty flowers.

We have had a bug problem.

Helicopter landed a block from my house.

Gotta love new jewelry!

Dinner date @ Maddox with my bestie
cousin and her hubby!

Summer salad!

Yup I received an email from
Keith Scott

I have the cutest pups!

Put this beauty on Steph's grave.
The ONLY yellow one I had. 

Memorial Day was spent at the cemetery.

Family Game Night!
Way fun game!

Workin out...

Dad worked on my bike.
Yet, I still can't ride it and you have no
idea how badly I want to!
I'm jealous of my mom's Judy Garland
rose bush.
That's about it!
I did do #photoadaymay and will post those shortly!

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  1. Were there any more of those clocks? My Festival of Trees tree is going to be Wizard of Oz this year!