Friday, June 3, 2011

This is the story of a dress...

My mom worked SOOOO hard to create my dream dress and I think she did a dang good job!
I'm soooooo happy!

Step #1-The fabric
Step #2-The first cut.
Notice there isn't a step for the pattern.
Well, that's because she just winged it.
(if that's even a word)

Let the hard work begin!


And now for the finished product.
Photos courtesy of Wolf Photography

I know it's hard to see the detail of the dress in these pictures.
She hand-sewed some trim on the veil and all edges of the dress.
I mean, she worked her butt off and it turned out AMAZING!
Hopefully I'll see everyone at the reception so you can see the dress up close and personal!
I'm about ONE WEEK AWAY!!!
I can't even believe it!

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