Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

So I realize it's been a while since I last blogged.
Boy do I have a lot to share!
Well let's start with the last post I did.
About how I was pampered at my Pampered Chef Bridal Shower!
And the coolest part was mine were all wrapped like actual gifts!

Yeah it was pretty awesome sitting in my mom's living room opening gifts as if it were Christmas Day!
She even made fun of me for taking everything out of the packaging and make-believing I was in my kitchen using the items for real.
Hey, don't judge.
When was the last time you got to play make-believe?!
It was so fun!
Then I got to go home and try to find a place for it all!

This was a bad angle to show what I got but I have
new mixing bowls
a chopper
measuring cups
a cooling rack
and some cutting mats

So much fun stuff!

So there's that.
Now onto my next subject.
One of the worst weekends ever!
I was soooo looking forward to going camping over Memorial Day.
Even though it was a 4 hour drive and we had to come down a day later then everyone else, I was still so excited.
We left first thing Saturday morning and basically drove straight to the camp ground.
When we got there, no one was there but it was ok because we wanted to rest.
Everyone got there and we started dinner and set up our tent.
That night was probably my worst night's sleep ever.
The wind was just insane!
Our tent would practically fold over on us and the flapping noise was so loud it was just hard to sleep.
The next day was expected to be better because we were going to Goblin Valley!!!
Love that place it is so stinkin fun!
We spent about an hour climbing and exploring and taking awesome pictures!
On the way back...
I accidentally...
DELETED all those cool pictures!
I'm such a dummie!
We stopped one more stop and here are some pictures I have from that day...

Then, to make things worse, the wind just didn't die down.
And it was blowing dust like crazy!
Everyone was gitting it in their eyes, ears, mouth and nose. (haha)
So more then half the family decided to head home a day early.
But we were going to stick it out.
So we cooked dinner and it was delicious.
Then, my Grandma really wanted to head home and my parent's were her ride, so we left.
So to sum it all up, we spent $100.00 in gas to get there and back,
were only there for just over 24 hours,
and have only about 7 pictures to show for it!
Oh but wait, our awful weekend doesn't end there!
On Monday our computer decided to crash.
Everything gone.
But, it was an emergency recovery thing we could do.
So we did.
It brought back the Music and the Videos but no the Pictures..
Sad day!
Most of my important pictures I had saved somehow either to discs, online, or a few on here...but still. Losing all of those pictures really really sucks!
Oh well, what can ya do?!
Don't worry, I'll have another post pretty dang soon about my dress!
Stay tuned

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