Sunday, February 19, 2012

as of late...

It's been forever since I have posted!
Truth is, I haven't had anything to post about really..
I've been staying busy but my camera got broken so I haven't taken any pictures of anything!
All I have are pictures of my phone when I remember to take pictures which is hardly ever!
So, here's what we've been up to as of late...

I washed their blankie and they are pretty much
ALWAYS laying on it now

I made this for my front door
We went to Wendover and while
we were gone the pups jumped
on the sliding glass door and the
glass shattered! Luckily our friend
Codey helped us patch it up for now.
Jamie got new glasses which she pulls
off really well!
Michael and our nephew had a cake eating
contest and our nephew won!
He was so funny with his mouth full of cake
laughing at Michael pointing and saying,
"ha ha you lose!"
Here it is again. I have been playing
around with some photo apps on my
phone. Which you'll see a lot of when I
show you the photos from my Feb
photo a day thing. Stay tuned.
Yup that's about it!
Hopefully I get a new camera soon or get mine fixed so I have more to post about!

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