Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Love Weddings

This weekend my Uncle Ned got married!
I am so happy for him because he has been waiting for this for so long and he deserves to be happy!
See, he met Oleysa online and she is from Russia.
3 years ago, he proposed and she accepted and the process to get her to America began.
Finally she is here and they are going to live Happily Ever After!

First was the ceremony...

My cousin Cody (the groom's son)
waled the beautiful bride down the
The gentleman with the glasses is my Uncle's
bishop and the guy in the orange tie next to him
is the translator.
Everything was said in English then in Russian.
It was filmed so she could send the video to her
family and they would understand.
First kiss as Husband and Wife!
Cue the cheers!

Next, we went to Ned's house for a Russian ceremony...

That is my grandma holding Russian bread.

They walk together and meet in the middle...
They take a bite of the bread together.
Whoever takes the bigger bite is Head of Household.
I think she won ;)

Then we went inside and the Newleyweds
gave us a tour of their home.
My cousin Katie, who made my cake, made
another beautiful wedding cake for them.

Her [real] bouquet.
The first dance.

Then we had a great time decorating the car...

We blew up a bunch of balloons and stuffed
them all in haha

Jamie had the great idea to write
on the back of the car!
So thanks to google translator I wrote this.
Katie caught the bouquet...AGAIN.
This girl needs to just get married already!

She would yell, "Bye-Bye!"

I have never seen anyone as happy as my Uncle on that day!
So happy that he can FINALLY live happily ever after!
Love you both!

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